Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spread Spectrum Comes to RC

Spektrum RC Introduces a new radio system called Spektrum. Their top of the line DX6 transmitter features 10 model memory, dual rates, exponential and a host of other neat ideas. From their website:


In development for over four years, Paul Beard, a leading
engineer in the Spread Spectrum industry, designed Spektrum's
DSM 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology. The DSM 2.4GHz
Spread Spectrum Technology utilizes Direct Sequencing
Spread Spectrum technology that has been optimized for
RC use. Unlike current narrow band 27 and 75MHz systems,
Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum or DSSS generates
a wide signal on a single frequency, and information
is encoded with its own Globally Unique Identification
number (called GUID) such that the receiver only recognizes
the information from its specific transmitter. And with
over 4.2 billion available GUID codes, it is virtually
impossible for a receiver to be controlled by anything
other than its mating transmitter. Spektrum calls this
optimized form of modulation DSM-Digital Spectrum Modulation.


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