Thursday, October 20, 2005

Servo Solutions

Servos are the electronic - mechanical devices that manipulate the control surfaces of your craft. They make the wheels turn on your car or truck and make the elevator/rudder/ailerons move on your airplane. Servos also control the throttle for acceleration.

One thing modelers need to be aware of when selecting a servo for a particular application is the the torque rating of the servo. Use a week servo and disaster may strike. Use a too highly rated servo and you are spending money that could be better used elsewhere AND you may be adding unnecessary weight.

For very precise applications, digital servos can be used. These expensive versions recenter themselves and rarely drift. These are ofter used in high performance craft.

Two of the best resources for servos are Fatlion's Servo Chart and Chuck Gadd's Servo Calculator. I use these often and now do not build a plane without first checking out to see if I'm using a strong enough servo for the application.
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