Monday, October 03, 2005

R/C Resources on the Web

I have been collecting a list of R/C links to feed my daily addiction for all things Radio Controlled. So, like any good pusher, I thought I'd share some of the best ones here.

The best resource I have found is RC Groups. On R/C Groups you'll find all kinds of forums relating to everything from Cars, Boats, Airplanes etc. A very friendly place to get advice about just about anything.

Another great resource, especially for new and used gear is RC Universe. They are also a forum based service.

For sailplane enthusiasts, check out the great listings at Fatlion. All RC Modelers will appreciate their Servo Chart.

For All kinds of parts and materials check out Hobby Linc.
Here is a useful online Moto Calc program for you to test out your system before you buy.
EFlight 101 has some great articles on Covering your Planes.
R/C Car enthusiasts can find great info on
R/C Boats, both powered and sail, can find info at RCBoat Modeler.

And if you want to purchase anything, simply head on over to Tower Hobbies - the grand daddy of online Hobby Sales.


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