Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Industry News Tuesday 10/4/05

Well back this week with some more exciting industry news.

ExtremeFlight is now shipping their Yac 55SP-E in both Plane only and Brushless Combo.

The combo is $199 and has Extreme Flight Brushless BL-20 motor, 15 amp ESC, gearbox, prop, spinner, removable landing gear and hardware. Good deal!

RTL Fasteners is having a 10% off Fall Sale. Enter code RCG3 at checkout.

Hobbytron has an Orinthopter on sale with free shipping $159.95. Orinthopters are very cool and great educational tools.

RC Motorcycles are perhaps the fastest growing market segment in all of RC Modeling. Check out the 49cc X2 Ninja available at Earthscooters.com


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