Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why Fly?

I'm thinking about why I write this blog and who may be reading it some day. Maybe you are a newbie, maybe an old fart, maybe 'just looking'. This post is for those 'just looking'.

You may be asking why would anyone want to do this. Or, maybe you are interested in getting started in this hobby. Here is a list of reasons that I have found that make it a worthwhile endeavor.
  1. It's fun.
  2. It takes skills which can be learned
  3. Educational - It teaches you about the science of flight
  4. It's challenging
  5. It's rewarding
  6. It takes 100% concentration - clears your mind of other distractions
  7. Unlimited potential - the hobby can grow with you
  8. Helpful community
  9. Something for everyone
  10. Fun!
I'll keep the list at ten for now. I did not mention cheap or inexpensive. That is relative. You can get into the hobby for under $150. You can also spend well over $10,000 on one 'plane'. It IS cheaper than flying a full scale airplane however!

In addition to something for everyone, there are people from all walks of life enjoying this hobby. Doctors, lawyers, students, moms, retirees, etc. People with ADD and/or OCD are accomplished flyers and find the hobby to be therapeutic. You can learn it at any time in your life and the curve is not to steep.

There are a lot of variations that are available to match your interests with: gas or electric power; scale flight; acrobatic flying; soaring; aerotowing; helicopters; orinthopters; and combinations of all the above.

Interested? Hop on over to RC Groups and take a look at the variety of interests and types of people that are out there. Also, do a goggle search on R/C flying clubs in your area and pay them a visit. You'll find that R/C flyers are some of the most helpful and friendly folk out there.


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