Friday, September 23, 2005

Landing's not optional

Everything in R/C flying is optional - except landing. This takes some forward thinking. You can take off in 15 mph winds but your landing will be tougher. You can try to fly inverted, but you may land earlier than you had hoped (and at a orientation that is hard on your model).

That said, get a model that can allow you to make a few errors in judgement. I mentioned before that my second airplane was a Parkzone F-27 Stryker. It comes RTF which means Ready To Fly right out of the box. (ARF = ALMOST ready to fly. BIG difference.)

The Stryker is an amazing plane. It has a huge flight envelope (can fly slow and fly fast) and is made of styrofoam basically. This is good foe two reasons. Light weight designs fly better and styrofoam is easy to fix. I crashed my Stryker numerous times in the beginning (still do). But I have usually been able to put the pieces back together at the field and resume flying within 5 minutes. Few other planes allow you to do this.

I mentioned that the Stryker was my SECOND plane. It is not a starter plane. It is not a trainer. It uses elevons (combination elevator/ailerons - no rudder) so it is a bit different than a traditional trainer which has elevator, rudder and/or ailerons. The Stryker is a great plane to step up to after some time on a trainer or sim.


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